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Fitness Expert and Guru Offers 3 Tips for Reducing Stress

July 17, 2014 — When Jeff Halevy faces stress, the fitness expert who has helped both clients and public health initiatives turns to three remedies: mindful meditation, gentle yoga and nightly Epsom salt baths. Halevy, a contributing fitness expert for several major television networks, works with clients ranging from Hollywood and Wall Street “royalty” to […]

Pain Expert Offers 3-step Process for Releasing Pain, Not Relieving It

June 17, 2014 — More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, but there’s often a way to pinpoint the source — whether it’s physical or emotional — and release it, says pain expert Vicky Vlachonis, author of the new book The Body Doesn’t Lie. The osteopath’s advice includes changing your diet, swapping negative […]

Surprising Tips From Experts For Hitting New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

As Americans make New Years resolutions to get in better shape, experts who train celebrities and top-ranked athletes offer some surprising tips for improving your health. Their advice includes exercising before getting out of bed, working out at your kitchen counter and soaking in Epsom salt.

A Training Tip from Several Previous DWTS Contestants

September, 2013 — Experts have long said that Epsom salt can help muscles recover. Now with several races scheduled for the fall, it might be useful to know that Epsom salt can help you recover from a grueling training session. DWTS contestants who have used Epsom salt include: Aaron Carter Brooke Burke Buzz Aldrin Cheryl […]

Foot Doctor Offers Tips for How Your Feet Can Look, Feel and Smell Better

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 15, 2013 – As the weather warms, Epsom salt can help your feet feel better, look better, even smell better, according to Dr. Jeffrey Bowman, an award-winning foot doctor who serves on several committees with the American Podiatric Medical Association. Soaking in Epsom salt can help with a range of foot issues […]

Magnesium Can Help Treat the Flu, Boost Your Energy, Improve Sleep;

Get More of This Essential Mineral in Your Diet and by Soaking in Epsom Salt Jan. 2, 2013 — There’s a nutrient that experts say helps your body produce its main source of energy and impacts at least 300 enzyme systems. It can also help treat the flu by regulating your temperature, helping you sleep, […]

Fun Beauty Activities to Help Parents and Kids Bond

Sept, 2012 — As children grow older, parents should find fun ways to spend time together that make their kids feel pampered, teach them how to take care of themselves and improve communication. That’s according to beauty expert Erika Katz, a former actress and model and now mother of a tween girl and boy. Katz […]

Are You Missing an Important Nutrient?

Many Americans Lack Magnesium, Sulfur and Sulfate; One Solution from Experts: Soaking in Epsom Salt March 12, 2012 — Many Americans are deficient in magnesium, sulfur and sulfate, experts say. It’s a problem that causes a variety of health issues that could be prevented with small changes to diet and behavior, including frequent soaks in […]