Sleep Better, Feel Better by Boosting Your Body’s Magnesium Levels

Dec. 15, 2014 — Considering New Year’s resolutions to improve your health? A wellness guru who works with Fortune 100 CEOs and their companies says many people need more magnesium to help increase energy and improve productivity. “We’re talking about health and performance and energy and stamina,” says Chris Johnson, a nationally recognized speaker and […]

Fitness Expert and Guru Offers 3 Tips for Reducing Stress

July 17, 2014 — When Jeff Halevy faces stress, the fitness expert who has helped both clients and public health initiatives turns to three remedies: mindful meditation, gentle yoga and nightly Epsom salt baths. Halevy, a contributing fitness expert for several major television networks, works with clients ranging from Hollywood and Wall Street “royalty” to […]

Pain Expert Offers 3-step Process for Releasing Pain, Not Relieving It

June 17, 2014 — More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, but there’s often a way to pinpoint the source — whether it’s physical or emotional — and release it, says pain expert Vicky Vlachonis, author of the new book The Body Doesn’t Lie. The osteopath’s advice includes changing your diet, swapping negative […]

Six Health and Wellness Tips from a Two-time Olympian

March 24, 2014 — It can be difficult to make changes that improve your health, your diet and your fitness, but two-time Olympian Elena Hight has some smart suggestions. The snowboarder‘s tips include meditating for a few minutes each day, practicing yoga, going outdoors, eating fresh produce and soaking in Epsom salt. “A lot of […]

During the Superbowl, Create the Spa Bowl

Not interested in the Super Bowl? Gather your friends for the Spa Bowl and enjoy some football-inspired pampering.

From “Polished Pedicure Punts” to a “First-Down Facial,” the Spa Bowl can help guests look and feel better. Guests can even create DIY “Blind-Side Bath Crystals” that will produce the perfect relaxation bath (just in case their significant others weren’t cheering for the winning team).

Surprising Tips From Experts For Hitting New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

As Americans make New Years resolutions to get in better shape, experts who train celebrities and top-ranked athletes offer some surprising tips for improving your health. Their advice includes exercising before getting out of bed, working out at your kitchen counter and soaking in Epsom salt.

Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Crafts and Gifts with Epsom Salt

This holiday season when you “deck the halls,” try something different that’s inexpensive, easy and that can involve the entire family: Decorate using Epsom salt! This holiday season when you “deck the halls,” try something different that’s inexpensive, easy, and that can involve the entire family: decorate using Epsom salt! Create a winter wonderland by […]