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3 Tips to Start Sustainable Self-Care Practices

Taylor Elyse Morrison talks about finding the right self-care routine, integrating it into daily life, and her love of Epsom salt baths Self-care has exploded in popularity, with Google searches on the topic spiking during the Coronavirus pandemic. Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of self-care start-up Inner Workout, says she defines self-care as listening within and […]

5 Spring Gardening Tips for the Quarantine

As gardening – a proven stress-reliever – becomes more popular, author, speaker and certified master gardener Linda Cobb shares tips for houseplants, roses and perennials As gardening’s popularity grows during the Coronavirus pandemic,  a certified Master Gardener shares a series of tips, such as how to jumpstart roses, groom houseplants and plan for fall. “Life […]

3 Tips to Prioritize Sleep and Avoid Burnout

Mental health expert Dr. Ellen Vora talks about soaking in Epsom salt, other ways to boost magnesium levels, improve sleep quality The average American sleeps only 6.8 hours each night, down from 7.9 hours in 1942. Dr. Ellen Vora, a mental health expert often quoted in leading publications, says this lack of sleep harms almost […]

The 2 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Bestselling author describes how to diagnose and combat magnesium deficiencies, which reduce people’s immunity, energy, and muscle and nerve functions Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, spearheading more than 300 biochemical reactions, yet as many as 90% of people are deficient, says Dr. Will Cole, a nationally regarded doctor. “I think […]

5 Tips for the Many Men Who Neglect their Feet

Nationally known podiatrist says men can prevent common foot problems by getting at-home pedicures, spraying shoes with Lysol and soaking in Epsom salt Sandal season exposes feet to a host of bacteria and fungus, and men, in particular, need at-home pedicures and Epsom salt foot soaks to prevent common foot problems, says Dr. Miguel Cunha, […]

The Top 3 Ways to Rest and Recover After Workouts

Co-founder of Après – a plant-based protein drink – Darby Jackson talks about self-care, Epsom salt baths and post-workout nutrition The on-demand fitness trend makes it easier than ever to complete an at-home workout, but many people forget about the importance of post-workout recovery, such as soaking in Epsom salt baths, says health and wellness […]

3 Ways to Boost Magnesium and Help Relieve Holiday Stress

Boosting your body’s magnesium levels through diet, supplements and Epsom salt baths can help relieve holiday stress and promote muscle recovery after New Year’s workout resolutions, says acclaimed Atlanta physician Dr. Bindiya Gandhi. As many as 68 percent of Americans don’t get enough magnesium, according to a recent study, and for many, it worsens during the […]

Epsom Salt Baths for Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne

Dr. Dendy Engelman says the magnesium in Epsom salt helps lower stress and inflammation Our diets have robbed our bodies of magnesium, which can cause eczema, psoriasis and acne, says Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board-certified and nationally-acclaimed dermatologic surgeon. To help restore magnesium levels, Dr. Engelman recommends soaking in Epsom salt, which is magnesium sulfate. […]

How Magnesium Affects Women’s Health

Women need magnesium to help combat common health conditions like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), hormonal migraines, anxiety and depression, says author of Super Woman RX Dr. Tasneem Bhatia (“Dr. Taz”), who has served as the medical expert for CNN Headline News and been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, Access Hollywood LIVE, Good Morning America, EXTRA!, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and The Doctors.

7 At-Home Bath Salt Recipes

Janice Cox calls Epsom salt ‘The Gateway to Natural Beauty’ One of America’s leading natural beauty experts recommends Epsom salt recipes to help relieve stress, soothe sore muscles, improve sleep, fight colds, exfoliate skin and prepare for pedicures. “Epsom salt used to just sit in the bathroom cupboard, but now, it’s so popular, it’s out […]