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5 Reasons to Soak Your Feet in Epsom Salt

As the weather warms, Epsom salt can help your feet feel better, look better, even smell better, according to Dr. Jeffrey Bowman, an award-winning foot doctor who serves on several committees with the American Podiatric Medical Association. Soaking in Epsom salt can help with a range of foot issues – from athletes who have been […]

How Magnesium Can Help Treat the Flu, Boost Energy and Improve Sleep

Get More of this Essential Mineral by Soaking in Epsom Salt There’s a nutrient that experts say helps your body produce its main source of energy and impacts at least 300 enzyme systems. It can also help treat the flu by regulating your temperature, helping you sleep, relaxing your muscles and giving you more energy. […]

Create and Have Fun with Epsom Salt

“There are so many fun crafts you can do with Epsom salt, and this is another reason why it’s always been one of the most versatile household products,” said Epsom Salt Council Vice President Mark Vincent. “Whether it’s creating a craft, relaxing

Fun Beauty Activities to Help Parents and Kids Bond

As children grow older, parents should find fun ways to spend time together that make their kids feel pampered, teach them how to take care of themselves and improve communication. That’s according to beauty expert Erika Katz, a former actress and model and now mother of a tween girl and boy. Katz wrote the book […]

Are You Missing an Important Nutrient?

Many Americans Lack Magnesium, Sulfur and Sulfate; One Solution from Experts: Soaking in Epsom Salt Many Americans are deficient in magnesium, sulfur and sulfate, experts say. It’s a problem that causes a variety of health issues that could be prevented with small changes to diet and behavior, including frequent soaks in Epsom salt. A lack […]

Let’s Move Together: Epsom Salt Council to Co-Sponsor 2010 Boston Arthritis Walk

Goal is to Get People Moving Every Day, Experts Say Soaking in Epsom Salt Helps Sore Muscles Recover, Keeps You Moving To encourage people to move every day—helping prevent osteoarthritis or treat any type of arthritis—the Epsom Salt Council will co-sponsor the 2010 Boston Arthritis Walk on Sept. 19. Years ago, people with arthritis were […]

Home Remedies for the Cold and Flu

With cold and flu season underway, doctors say you should try soaking in Epsom salt before you reach for an expensive over-the-counter drug. This naturally-occurring mineral will ease muscle aches and help you get a good night’s rest, so you can recover faster. Some doctors say it will even speed healing by detoxifying your body and increasing your white blood cell count.

New Book Offers Inexpensive Tips For Moms

Frugal Foodie Author’s Advice Includes Soaking In Epsom Salt Bath To Relax, Improve Health The Frugal Foodie Cookbook, a new book filled with practical advice for working Moms, suggests soaking in an Epsom salt bath because it’s “not only luxurious, but can also improve your health.” “When I was doing the research for the book, […]