3 Tips to Prioritize Sleep and Avoid Burnout

Mental health expert Dr. Ellen Vora talks about soaking in Epsom salt, other ways to boost magnesium levels, improve sleep quality The average American sleeps only 6.8 hours each night, down from 7.9 hours in 1942. Dr. Ellen Vora, a mental health expert often quoted in leading publications, says this lack of sleep harms almost […]

3 Ways to Boost Magnesium and Help Relieve Holiday Stress

Boosting your body’s magnesium levels through diet, supplements and Epsom salt baths can help relieve holiday stress and promote muscle recovery after New Year’s workout resolutions, says acclaimed Atlanta physician Dr. Bindiya Gandhi. As many as 68 percent of Americans don’t get enough magnesium, according to a recent study, and for many, it worsens during the […]

9 Tips to Increase Mindfulness and Reduce Stress

Negative emotions often cause people to eat when they are bored, angry or already full, says New York Times-bestselling author Dr. Susan Albers, a nationally recognized psychologist who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness.

3 Tips to Reduce Stress

When Jeff Halevy faces stress, the fitness expert who has helped both clients and public health initiatives turns to three remedies: mindful meditation, gentle yoga and nightly Epsom salt baths. Halevy, a contributing fitness expert for several major television networks, works with clients ranging from Hollywood and Wall Street “royalty” to true international royalty. He […]

Back-to-School Season is the Most Stressful Time for Many Moms

Stress Stems from New Routines, Late-Arriving Supply Lists and the Cost of Clothes and Fees, According to Epsom Salt Council Survey Sure, the holidays can be a whirlwind. But a new nationwide survey shows that with new routines to plan, the cost of clothes and supplies, and the hassle of dragging the kids to multiple […]

How to De-stress After Holiday Travel

Many Americans will travel for the holidays, and that often means traffic jams, airport delays and kids who can’t stop asking if you’re there yet. Want to unwind so you don’t feel fried before the turkey gets cooked? Try a quick Epsom salt bath when you reach your destination. Soaking in Epsom salt—actually magnesium sulfate—is […]