Where to Buy

Where can I buy Epsom salt?

You can buy Epsom salt in most pharmacies and groceries, and you can usually find it in two sections of the stores. One is by first aid supplies, such as alcohol and peroxide, because Epsom salt is used as a treatment for sore muscles (magnesium sulfate is also an effective, naturally occurring laxative for constipation). The other is in the bath section. Doctors and researchers say a relaxing soak in Epsom salt baths can help ease stress, and there are health benefits to having the magnesium sulfate absorbed through the skin.

The safest Epsom salt to buy

There are different kinds of Epsom salt. Besides what’s sold in supermarkets or pharmacies, some Epsom salt is considered agricultural or technical grade, and it’s sold in hardware, co-op or farm stores. For human use, the Council recommends only packages that are labeled “USP” and that have a “drug facts” box. That way you know it’s been manufactured, tested and certified to meet stringent regulatory standards of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) that it’s safe and acceptable for human use. That’s true for ingesting Epsom salt or soaking in it.

Consult the package for directions, and before ingesting any over-the-counter medication – especially if you have a medical condition – the Council recommends you first consult your doctor.