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What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, a pure, time-tested mineral compound with dozens of uses. We’ve interviewed many people featured on this site — award-winning doctors, best-selling authors, gardening experts, researchers, a two-time Olympian and specialists who have worked with celebrities for beauty and fitness — all of whom describe the uses and benefits of Epsom salt.

Explore this site to learn everything about Epsom salt — from why it works to at-home recipes and remedies for how to use it for health, beauty, gardening and crafts. We think you’ll be amazed with this natural alternative that has been used therapeutically for hundreds of years, and you’ll see why it’s gaining a new generation of fans looking for a safe, inexpensive alternative in a sea of pricier, over-the-counter remedies.


Health benefits from either soaking your feet or taking a bath in Epsom salt, include: soothing muscle aches, treating sunburn, and removing splinters.

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From facials and hair volumizers to pedicures and exfoliants, many celebrities – and their beauty teams – use Epsom salt to look their best.

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Fitness & Wellness

Whether it’s muscle aches, stress or a lack of energy, top trainers and wellness gurus recommend soaking in Epsom salt to help you improve sleep, feel better.

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Epsom salt can be used for different crafts all year-round, including luminaries. And because Epsom salt looks like snow, it’s perfect for holiday decorations.

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Tests show that Epsom salt helps produce more flowers and makes pepper plants grow larger. Experts say it can increase harvests, make fruit taste sweeter.

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Expert Advice

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