Therapeutic Benefits of Epsom Salt for Animals.

Epsom salt is widely known for relieving sore muscles, loosening stiff joints and reducing inflammation among humans. However, did you know animals can benefit from Epsom salt’s healing properties as well? That’s right, a variety of animals ranging from indoor pets to barnyard animals can benefit from this natural and gentle solution. Below are several ways Epsom salt can support the health and wellness of your animals: 

Muscle Recovery  

Just like humans, horses and other animals experience muscle soreness and fatigue after strenuous exercise. Applying an Epsom salt poultice, or paste, can help reduce swelling and soothe pain after rigorous movement. Placing an animal's hoofs and/or legs in an Epsom salt bath can also provide relief. 

Pest Control  

Whether your furry friend lives indoors or outdoors, fleas and other pests are a concern among pet owners. These pesky insects can irritate your pet’s skin, causing them to itch, lose hair and develop scaly patches of skin.  

A warm Epsom salt bath can help to remove fleas from your cat or dog’s fur. Similarly, soaking the legs of chickens in Epsom salt can help deter unwanted pests such as mites. 

Arthritis Relief 

Epsom salt is also beneficial for older animals and those with arthritis and swollen joints. Soaking your pets in regular Epsom salt baths can help reduce inflammation, easing their discomfort and improving their mobility.  

Wound Care 

Abscesses, or fluid-filled cysts caused by bacterial infections, are a common ailment among livestock. Applying a poultice made from Epsom salt and water to the affected area can help draw out the infection and reduce inflammation.  

Likewise, treating your pet to an Epsom salt paw bath can help cleanse the paw pad and alleviate irritation from minor injuries or even contact allergies. 

When used properly, Epsom salt can offer many therapeutic benefits to animals. However, to ensure the health and safety of your pet, it’s best to always consult a veterinarian before incorporating Epsom salt into your animal-care routine.