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Epsom salt spa baths

Epsom salt can turn an everyday bath into an at-home spa treatment that will leave you relaxed and your skin soft and smooth. Make it an evening ritual and you’ll benefit from a better night’s sleep as well.

Epsom salt baths for sensitive and dry skin

Natural beauty expert Janice Cox likes using Epsom salt in DIY bath salt recipes including this one, good for people with sensitive and dry skin:

Relaxing Lavender Oatmeal Bath

  1. Place ¼ cup dried lavender flowers and ½ cup oatmeal (whole oats) in a food processor or blender. Process on high until you have a fine mixture that resembles whole-grain flour.
  2. In a bowl, stir the lavender-oatmeal mixture with 1 cup Epsom salt, and pour into a clean, dry container.
  3. Add ½ cup to your bathwater as you fill the tub.
  4. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Skin-toning Epsom salt baths

To help detoxify, tighten pores and tone skin, Kristin Fraser Cotte, CEO and founder of The Grapeseed Company, recommends this soak:

Grapes of Bath Champagne Soak

  1. Combine ½ cup Epsom salt and 1 cup powdered milk in a bowl.
  2. Add 1 cup champagne.
  3. Warm 1 tsp. honey in the microwave for 30 seconds, then add it to the mixture.
  4. Pour into running bath water.
  5. When the tub is full, add rose petals, then hop in and relax.

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