How Athletes Prepare & Recover for Big Games.


With the start of September brings fall, and of course for sports enthusiasts, the glorious return of football season. This month marks a time when stadiums come alive with roaring fans rooting for their favorite team. And for fans wondering how their favorite players might prepare and recover before and after the big game, many credit Epsom salt as a way to make the body feel better faster so they can move on to their next challenge.

For football players, soaking in an Epsom salt bath allows the body to absorb magnesium and sulfate, an essential and all-natural element for athletes that is also key to helping relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. A key component to football athletes' preparation and recovery routines, professional and collegiate teams are making sure their players are able to incorporate Epsom salt soaks into their training routines before and after games. Even West Virginia University’s renovated football facility has cryotherapy machines and Epsom salt baths for players to utilize during practice.

Some pros prefer to float to prep for the big game. Flotation therapy (also known as sensory deprivation) offers relief and benefits which are cumulative and incorporate Epsom salt, weightlessness and mediation. Pro football player, Carl Lawson noted, "I feel like, along with massages, it gets all of the soreness and stress and built-up blood from little bruises throughout your body. It’s also supposed to be equivalent to four hours of extra sleep. I really like what the float tank does, relaxing my body, making me feel flexible."

In conclusion, Epsom salt stands as a remarkable ally in the pursuit of peak performance and recovery for football athletes. Its unique combination of magnesium and sulfate offers a range of advantages, from reducing muscle soreness and inflammation to promoting overall well-being. Incorporating Epsom salt into your post-training or post-game routine can help you stay in top form, ensuring that you're ready to give your best on the football field day in and day out. So, whether you're a professional athlete or just play for fun, consider harnessing the power of Epsom salt to enhance your athletic journey and keep your game at its highest level.