Tests show that Epsom salt helps produce more flowers and makes pepper plants grow larger. Experts say it can increase harvests, make fruit taste sweeter.

5 Spring Gardening Tips for the Quarantine

As gardening – a proven stress-reliever – becomes more popular, author, speaker and certified master gardener Linda Cobb shares tips for houseplants, roses and perennials As gardening’s popularity grows during the Coronavirus pandemic,  a certified Master Gardener shares a series of tips, such as how to jumpstart roses, groom houseplants and plan for fall. “Life […]

Gardening Video

See how this family farm uses Epsom salt to help its crops thrive.

Commercial Grower Offers 3 Tips For Fresh Produce

On a sixth-generation farm that the Barbee family has owned for more than a century, Brent Barbee has discovered a new way to increase his harvest and make his fruit taste sweeter. He’s using Epsom salt.