Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Vibrant This Spring with Epsom Salt.

As the snow starts to melt, you may be left with a dull lawn lacking life after a long winter. Spring is a perfect time to start looking at ways to grow back a healthy, vibrant lawn that will enhance your curb appeal in the months to come.  

The nutrients in Epsom salt have multiple benefits when it comes to lawncare. From pest control to soil enrichment, the all-natural mineral is a safe and effective solution to keep your lawn healthy and radiating that desirable deep green.  

Simply dissolve a half pound of Epsom salt in water for every 100 square feet of lawn and use a sprayer to coat your grass generously in the spring months. Then watch your lawn come back to life throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

See below for how Epsom salt can ensure your lawn is the brightest on the block: 

Health and Vibrance: The magnesium levels in Epsom salt support the general health of your lawn by balancing the PH level of your grass and enhancing the chlorophyll production that’s responsible for the desirable, vibrant green color.  

Pest Control: There’s no need for harsh pesticides to protect your lawn this spring. Epsom salts are an effective deterrent of pests like slugs and raccoons thanks to their composition and smell – making it easier and safer than ever to keep menaces away from your grass and garden blooms! 

Growth: The iron in Epsom salt plays a major role in reviving your grass after a long and cold winter, as well as promoting healthy and strong regrowth. Additionally, Epsom salt aids in nitrogen and phosphorous absorption, which supports seed germination.  

Keep your lawn green and gorgeous this year with affordable and natural Epsom salts!