Looking for Natural Cleaning Products? DIY Your Own Solutions with Epsom Salt.

It’s prime time for spring cleaning, and those that are looking to limit their exposure to harsh chemicals may be seeking the next best natural cleaning products to do the job. However, you don’t have to scour the aisles of the grocery store to find an effective solution to enhance your dish washing, laundry and bathroom cleaning routines, to name a few. 

Epsom salt, a natural and affordable product found in drugstores (or likely in your bathroom cabinet!) are a great alternative to brand name natural cleaning solutions. When mixed with other basic cleaning ingredients, Epsom salt can make a great scrub, or enhance your overall cleaning product lineup, all while avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients associated with common household chore fulfillers. 

Common cleaning routines where Epsom salt may be useful include: 

Freshening the Laundry: As the weather turns warmer, it’s natural to sweat more in your clothes, which leaves a lingering stench not only in your clothing itself, but your machine. For better smelling clothes, add a scoop of Epsom salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your load of dirty laundry. This also promotes softer laundry when dried, ensuring your clothes feel as good as they smell. To refresh your washing machine, fill the drum with warm water, and mix a generous amount of Epsom salt and white vinegar into the solution before running a cycle.  

Washing the Dishes: Are your pots and pans riddled with stubborn food particles that are determined to stick? Epsom Salt can be an easy addition to your dishwashing routine that is tough on food but gentle enough to avoid damage to your cookware. Simply dip your sponge in Epsom salts before getting to scrubbing to help loosen food debris. Then, proceed with a normal wipe down with dish detergent or place into your dishwasher for a cleaning cycle.   

Scrubbing the Bathroom: Whether breathing life back into dirty tile and grout, or aiding in washing your toilet, Epsom salt offers diverse cleaning solutions for your bathroom. Mix a cleaning solution of Epsom salts, white vinegar and dish detergent and use a brush to scrub the solution into your grout and toilet. You’ll be left with a sparkling clean washroom! 

Finding affordable, natural products that effectively refresh your home is hard work. Thankfully, Epsom salt is a simple and accessible solution that can be applied in various cleaning routines to enhance the beauty of your home!