Epsom Salts Can Bring the “Frost” to Your DIY Holiday Crafts.

Looking for fun, family-friendly craft ideas for the holidays that won’t break the bank? Check your pantry for a bag of Epsom salt! The low-cost household wellness and beauty staple’s color and texture make it the perfect faux snow to “frost” your holiday DIYs.

For those looking for some quick and easy ideas, see some of our holiday craft favorites below!

Frosted Pinecones: Whether you’re looking for added accents for your mantle or something to spruce up your table centerpieces, frosted pinecones add an attractive touch to a multitude of DIY décor.

  1. Start by gathering some pinecones from your yard or buying a small bag from the store.
  2. Use white paint on the tips of the pinecone and allow it to dry.
  3. Once dry, brush over the white paint with white glue and dip in Epsom salts!

Elegant Luminaries: This elegant DIY has an elevated look that makes an impressive statement piece for a holiday party or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. All you need are mason jars, Epsom salt, Modge Podge or glue, and a brush.

  1. Brush the glue on the outside of the mason jar.
  2. While the glue is wet, roll the mason jar in Epsom salts.
  3. Get creative! Add tea lights to the jars for ethereal lighting and tie your favorite festive ribbon around the top of the jar for a pop of color!

Snowy Centerpieces: Hosting a holiday dinner party and looking for ways to beautify your table? This snowy centerpiece hack couldn’t be easier! Ideal for your dining table or for display above your fireplace, there’s no reason not to try this simple DIY.

  1. Grab your favorite apothecary jar and fill it halfway with Epsom salt.
  2. Gather some small evergreen tree branches and stick them in the salt.
  3. Add accents of your choosing! The frosted pinecones mentioned above make a great addition to this project.

Festive Ornaments: Looking for an adorable DIY to do with your kids while they are off of school this holiday season? These snowy ornaments are not only a blast to make, but they are also easy to personalize and save for many holidays to come.

  1. Pick up some clear, plastic or glass bulb ornaments from the craft store, along with some mini holiday trinkets (small enough to fit into the top of the ornament).
  2. Open the top of the ornament and use a funnel (or a steady hand!) to fill it halfway with Epsom salt.
  3. Drop in your favorite little trinkets for the illusion that they are playing in the snow before placing the top back on the ornament. Add a festive ribbon to the top if you wish!

Crafts are the perfect way to flex your creativity and keep the little ones occupied this holiday season, and Epsom salt makes it easy to create beautiful décor on a budget! Try out our favorite, three step crafts today and watch the compliments roll in from your guests this holiday season.