Use Epsom Salt in Your Next Laundry Load for Better Smelling Clothes.

A hot summer season means more sweat and, unfortunately, more body odors that can be difficult to wash out of your favorite clothes. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fancy scent beads filled with artificial skin irritants to achieve clean clothes that actually smell fresh this summer. 

Epsom salt, a common household item that is not only affordable, but natural and non-irritating, provides a great alternative to ensure your next load of laundry comes out smelling like a dream.  

Boost Your Clothing Fragrance: Who doesn’t want to smell like their favorite essential oil? By DIYing your own scent booster with Epsom salt, you can carry a subtle scent of your favorite lavender, mint, or eucalyptus oils wherever you go this summer. Simply mix basic Epsom salts with several drops of your favorite essential oil. When it comes time for laundry day, put 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture in the detergent dispenser with your detergent of choice and run your machine as normal for a fragrant, pleasant smelling clean load when all is said and done! 

Clean Your Washer: Sometimes body odor isn’t the culprit behind foul smelling clothes. A dirty washer can leave an unpleasant scent after your laundry cycle is complete. To avoid this, wash away the dirt and grime from your washer regularly with Epsom salt. Mix Epsom salt with basic white vinegar and pour it directly in your washer drum. From there, run a hot water cycle with the highest water level setting for a refreshed machine that shines and smells like new. 

Avoid the harsh scent-boosting and cleaning ingredients that can irritate your skin this summer and reach for a bag of Epsom salt for natural solutions to those pesky laundry smells.