Wellness Gift Ideas to Consider this Father’s Day.


Father’s Day is around the corner, a time for honoring the father, or father figure in your life – a celebration for fatherhood, parental bonds and the influence father figures have in our society. Father’s Day is the perfect time to show the father figure in your life how much you love and appreciate them – not an easy feat.

While you think about the best gift for your loved one, consider introducing them to a whole new relaxation and wellness experience with Epsom salt!

Here are two relaxing gift ideas for the dad in your life:

Epsom Salt Bath Gift Baskets

Men deserve relaxation and pampering. Epsom salt can turn an everyday bath into an at-home spa treatment that will leave you relaxed and your skin soft and smooth. For Father’s Day, introduce the father figure in your life to relaxing baths by creating a bath basket with Epsom salts and other pampering products like a moisturizer for men, shaving kit and bathrobe.

At Home DIY Epsom Salt Mani/Pedis

Epsom salt can help your hands look their best and get your feet ready for sandal season. Soaking hands and feet in Epsom salt softens skin and cuticles in preparation for a mani/pedi while also easing aches and pains and reducing swelling. And with sandal season upon us, feet can become the host of bacteria and fungus, and for men in particular, an at-home pedicure and Epsom salt foot soak can help to prevent common foot problems from athlete’s foot to plantar fasciitis, to nail fungus.

This Father’s Day, treat your dad to a DIY pedicure for some much deserved self-care, health and wellness time with your loved one.

Whether for the hard-worker, fitness buff, or the outdoorsy dad in your life, consider incorporating Epsom salt in your gift ideas this Father’s Day for the opportunity to reinforce commitment to self-care and wellness.