Men’s Health Week: Epsom Salt Treatments for Common Men’s Health Issues.

June 12-18, 2023, marks Men’s Health Week, an international week of recognition for preventable ailments commonly experienced by men. While some common men’s health concerns require medical intervention for treatments and preventative therapies, there are some mild afflictions that frequently impact men that can be treated gently and naturally through Epsom salt.

As men reflect on their overall physical and mental health this month, below are some of the issues that can be treated by incorporating Epsom salt into their routines.

Hair Thinning & Acne: Men naturally have increased levels of male hormones like testosterone that can have negative impacts on their physical appearance and in turn, their confidence. Two of the most common of these effects are acne and hair thinning. For mild cases, Epsom salt can help due to its exfoliating properties. Rubbing Epsom salts on your scalp periodically in the shower can exfoliate away excess oils and product build-up that may be blocking hair follicles and hindering growth. For mild acne, Epsom salt can be mixed with your favorite facewash to reduce swelling and inflammation while potentially dislodging blackheads when you have a flair up.

Anxiety & Stress: For men suffering from mental health concerns like anxiety and stress, the magnesium in Epsom salt is believed to aid in mood stabilization. To promote relaxation, men should try out Epsom salt baths before bed to increase absorption of the mineral and calm their minds.

Muscle Soreness & Strain: For men using Men’s Health Week as the motivation they need to jump back into a gym routine, muscle soreness may rear its ugly head. Epsom salt baths have proven to relax muscles and quicken the muscle recovery process, helping men to keep their routine consistent and painless.

Men should prioritize their health 365 days a year, but Men’s Health Week is the ideal time to make wellness a priority. Thankfully, reaching for a low-cost bag of Epsom salt this month may be the answer to some of the most common ailments that men are hoping to address.