Epsom salt can be used for different crafts all year-round, including luminaries. And because Epsom salt looks like snow, it’s perfect for holiday decorations.

Kids Craft: Crystal Garden

Whether you have a budding scientist or an artsy child, growing a crystal garden is an easy activity that will preoccupy young minds!

Rainy Day Craft for Kids

File away this fun, easy kids suncatcher craft that requires nothing but household items: water, Epsom salt, and a plastic lid.

Create and Have Fun with Epsom Salt

“There are so many fun crafts you can do with Epsom salt, and this is another reason why it’s always been one of the most versatile household products,” said Epsom Salt Council Vice President Mark Vincent. “Whether it’s creating a craft, relaxing

Easy Mother’s Day Gift Idea That Kids Can Make and That Moms Need

Give Mom a Well-Deserved Break That Can Also Improve Her Health Kids Can Make Custom Bath Crystals, and Moms Will Appreciate The Well-Deserved Break April 2010—With Mother’s Day approaching, here’s a fun gift that kids can make and that Moms would really appreciate: custom bath crystals. They’re easy to make, they give Mom a well-deserved […]