How to Recover Like the Stars of the U.S. Open.

The 2022 U.S. Open is in full swing and tuning in to watch athletes leave it all on the court may be the inspiration that gets you back in the gym or indulging in your favorite exercises this summer. However, as the elite tennis players competing in this year’s Open know well, a long day of exertion with no recovery routine can seriously impact your athletic performance.

So, how do standout players like Danielle Collins and Emma Raducanu get ready for their next match after rigorous training sessions and qualifying rounds? Epsom salt bath soaks, of course.

About the wellness hack, Collins has said, “I love to take Epsom salt baths. Ever since I was little whenever I was tired after training, my parents would get me salts and I would get in the bath at home and just sit in there for an hour sometimes. That’s actually one of my favorite past times.” While Raducanu has likened the practice to “a great reward after putting in a tough day training.”

Whether you’re a professional athlete or you just enjoy partaking in regular exercise, there are a number of benefits to soaking in Epsom salt after a strenuous sweat session. Proven perks for athletes of all skill-levels include:

  1. Reduction of Muscle Soreness: We’ve all experienced the aftershocks of a tough workout the next morning when you wake up feeling stiff and sore. However – that doesn’t need to be the case. By replenishing the magnesium lost in an intense workout with a calming Epsom salt bath, you may avoid the painful cramping associated with the depletion of the mineral that occurs during exertion.
  2. Prevention of Inflammation: Accidents during exercise happen, and sometimes those accidents can cause injuries in the form of sprains, pulled muscles, or bruising. Tensing up or failing to address these injuries right away can only make them worse and prolong the recovery time – something that would be especially detrimental to athletes competing for a title on the world stage. An Epsom salt soak can help to relax muscles, while magnesium absorption aids in the quickening of injury recovery time.
  3. Relief of Pain: If you forget your post-workout soak and wake up feeling the consequences in your muscles, don’t fret. Magnesium sulfate is a natural promoter of blood circulation, which can aid in speeding up the muscle regeneration process. It’s never too late for an Epsom salt recovery soak!

If the U.S. Open has reinvigorated your commitment to a summer workout routine, having a bag of Epsom salts on hand after an intense exercise can ensure you stay ready to give it your all everyday like your favorite tennis players.