Soothe Your Skin from Sun-Triggered Ailments This Summer with Epsom Salt.


The summer sun can bring about more than just the occasional sunburn. Heat and sweat can lead to flare-ups of chronic skin conditions, leaving sufferers in pain and discomfort.

While it’s important to follow the advice of doctors when it comes to prescribed treatments for different conditions, Epsom salt baths can serve as a natural, low-cost supplement that will enhance maintenance routines for sufferers of various ailments.

Some of the skin conditions that Epsom salt is proven to help relieve include:


  • Psoriasis: The National Psoriasis Foundation describes Psoriasis as an immune disease that causes inflammation throughout the body. Sufferers can experience stinging rashes as a result of a build-up of skin cells. Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt baths are a great natural way to not only soothe skin and relieve itching during flare-ups, but to aid in removing scales and flakes that form on the affected areas. Just make sure you moisturize after your bath to prevent over-drying!


  • Eczema: Eczema is another chronic autoimmune disease that takes the form of patches of dry, red and itchy skin that can cause discomfort to sufferers. Epsom salt baths are often used by those with the condition to help with the removal of dead skin so that the new skin can form a barrier. As a natural anti-inflammatory, regular baths can also ease the look of redness on affected areas of the skin.


  • Acne: During the summer, sunscreen, sweat, and even sunburns can clog your pores and increase the severity and frequency of breakouts. There are a number of ways that Epsom salt can be used to clean and calm the skin so you can ditch the concealer this season. Not only will soaking in Epsom salt baths help to heal and prevent body acne, but using salts mixed with water can be used to exfoliate the face or act as a spot treatment. This is because the salt contains natural properties that deep clean the pores, helping to stop acne at the source.


Summer is the time to bare more skin, and Epsom salt can help ensure your skin is healthy and clear this season. You can pick up Epsom salt at your local convenience store or pharmacy –  a low cost, natural relief option for your skin ailments this summer!