Epsom salt luminaries, holiday decorations, other crafts

From planning projects with the kids to decorating for the holidays to sparking a romantic evening, there are plenty of things to create using Epsom salt and plenty of ways to have fun. You can make cards, paintings, bath salts, luminaries or Easter eggs. Frost your windows, decorate champagne glasses, glisten candles or make your pumpkins glitter. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, the Holidays – or just an uneventful day at home – Epsom salt can help you celebrate and have fun.

An important thing to consider when planning to use Epsom salt for DIY craft projects

While using Epsom salt on your craft project can add color, texture and beauty, there’s one thing you should know, just for planning purposes. Fresh Epsom salt crystals have high water content, and when the translucent crystals get exposed to air, they will begin to dry and become white. That’s natural, but it’s a change that can occur as fast as one week. So why do we mention this? If you’re planning to make, say, luminaries for a wedding, you should wait until close to the final date. On other activities, such as greeting cards, you may want the whiter look. On some projects, such as the holiday jars above, you can also paint and seal the texture of the Epsom salt, ensuring the color stays true.

If you plan to seal your projects with some type of additional coating, and it’s something that would be near a candle or some other flame, please check the label of the coating material to be sure it is not flammable. Epsom salt itself is not flammable – it has a high water content, and it is actually used as a flame retardant – but some types of coatings may be flammable.

Bottom line: plan accordingly and have fun!

Home-made, DIY shimmering luminaries

  • Materials: Empty jars, Epsom salt, blue and green food coloring, paper plates, 3 small or medium bowls, Mod Podge®, clear gloss sealer
  • Put one cup of Epsom salt into each bowl. Mix in one drop of food coloring. Place the blue, green and white Epsom salts on paper plates.
  • Coat the jar in Mod Podge®, roll in one of the salt colors. Coat the rim with Mod Podge® and salt. Let dry for 2 – 3 hours.
  • Repeat for remaining colors. Finish with clear gloss sealer, following sealer’s instructions. When dry, fit with an electric tea light.
  • Making for a party? These should be made no more than a week ahead of time.

Home-made, DIY Greeting Cards

  • Materials: Card stock, white craft glue, Epsom salt, food coloring, bowl
  • Put a cup of Epsom salt into a bowl. Add in food coloring (we used red) and mix to desired hue.
  • Add in another cup of Epsom salt and mix to create a red/pink/white mixture.
  • Carefully fold the card stock. Draw a heart on the front with the white craft glue. Sprinkle the Epsom salt mixture onto the glue, shaking/wiping off any excess. Allow to dry overnight.
  • Give to somebody you love!

Home-made, DIY Early Frost Fall Décor

  • Materials: Decorative mini pumpkins and gourds, paint brush, Mod Podge®, Epsom salt
  • Paint the Mod Podge® onto your mini pumpkins and gourds. Apply around the top of the vegetables to look like real frost.
  • Sprinkle a handful of Epsom salt onto your pumpkins and gourds until they are coated, making an attractive fall display.

Home-made, DIY Festive Holiday Jars

  • Materials: Mason style jar, white craft glue, Epsom salt, glossy acrylic paint in festive colors
  • Pour the Epsom salt in a dish. Using the glue, draw a star on the jar. Press the star into the dish of salt while the glue is still wet. Carefully remove the jar and gently wipe away any excess glue.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Paint the jar using two coats of paint if needed. Dry overnight. Fill with fun napkins, straws and utensils to dress up your celebration.

Home-made, DIY Snowballs

  • Materials: Styrofoam balls, acrylic paint, Mod Podge®, Epsom salt, toothpicks, paper plates, wire hooks (optional)
  • Insert a toothpick as a handle into a Styrofoam ball. Paint the ball with the color of your choice. Remove toothpick and let dry on a paper plate.
  • Sprinkle salt on a clean paper plate. Insert another toothpick into the Styrofoam ball and coat with Mod Podge®. Roll the wet ball in the Epsom salt. Let dry.
  • If desired, put snowballs on wire hooks and hang them. They will also look lovely in a basket, a vase, or a winter themed centerpiece.