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5 Spring Gardening Tips for the Quarantine

As gardening – a proven stress-reliever – becomes more popular, author, speaker and certified master gardener Linda Cobb shares tips for houseplants, roses and perennials As gardening’s popularity grows during the Coronavirus pandemic,  a certified Master Gardener shares a series of tips, such as how to jumpstart roses, groom houseplants and plan for fall. “Life […]

Gardening Video

See how this family farm uses Epsom salt to help its crops thrive.

Crystal Garden Craft for Kids

Whether you have a budding scientist or an artsy child, growing a crystal garden is an easy activity that will preoccupy young minds!


Experts recommend using Epsom salt in the garden to prep your soil for planting and for specific plants, including peppers, tomatoes, fruit and roses. Epsom salt can also help with house plants, lawns, trees and shrubs. Learn more about why Epsom salt works and how to use it in your garden below.   Why is […]

7 At-Home Bath Salt Recipes

Janice Cox calls Epsom salt ‘The Gateway to Natural Beauty’ One of America’s leading natural beauty experts recommends Epsom salt recipes to help relieve stress, soothe sore muscles, improve sleep, fight colds, exfoliate skin and prepare for pedicures. “Epsom salt used to just sit in the bathroom cupboard, but now, it’s so popular, it’s out […]

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Ban boredom with these fun, DIY crafts featuring Epsom salt. These inexpensive crafts, including play dough, crystal gardens, and indoor snowballs, are perfect for kids of all ages.


What is Epsom Salt? Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, a pure, time-tested mineral compound with dozens of uses. We’ve interviewed many people featured on this site — award-winning doctors, best-selling authors, gardening experts, researchers, a two-time Olympian and specialists who have worked with celebrities for beauty and fitness — all of whom describe the […]

Fitness & Wellness

From mid-summer training to New Year’s fitness resolutions, top trainers and wellness experts recommend soaking in Epsom salt baths to help relieve sore muscles, promote recovery, soothe tired feet and help you sleep. How Epsom salt baths help with training and muscle recovery Health and wellness coach Darby Jackson says that exercising creates small micro-tears […]