How NFL Players Use Epsom Salt for Recovery.

It’s almost time for The Big Game, and after a notable season of injuries and rough tackles, you may be wondering how your favorite players are preparing to play the biggest game of their lives, winding down post-season, or recovering from their injuries.

One tried and true wellness staple used amongst NFL greats past and present is Epsom salts, and due to their affordability and availability at local drugstores, their methods are easy for fans to mimic. Thanks to the many benefits of magnesium for muscle recovery, sleep support, and relaxation, football players at the top of their sport use the product for more reasons than one – and you can too!


  1. Pre-Big Game Prep: George Kittle, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, considers Epsom salt baths one of his staple rituals to make sure he feels confident going into every game. The talented young player, who made it to the NFL Conference Championship game this year, does a 24-min Epsom salt bath the night before every game in honor of his idol, Kobe Bryant.
  2. Sound, In-Season Sleep: J.J. Watt not only had a successful season of sacks, but he also became a first-time dad. In order to play his best, he needed to sleep his best, but having a baby at home made that difficult. To ensure he was game-ready, J.J. shared with ESPN that he utilized nighttime Epsom salt baths, along with stretching, to ensure that a lack of quality sleep didn’t impact his field performance.
  3. Post-Game Injury Recovery: Being an offensive tackle means your body endures a lot of impacts, and that can certainly take its toll on your body. Morgan Moses, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, is all too familiar with the muscle pains associated with the job. So how does he recover? In an interview with ESPN, he shared that his wife draws him a hot bath post-game with six bags of Epsom salt.


If you need to relieve some stress and anxiety around your team playing in The Big Game on February 12 or are looking for an NFL athlete-approved product to refresh your wellness or fitness routine, run a bath and reach for a bag of Epsom salt. Chances are that your favorite player is doing the same!