Epsom Salt Baths for Cold and Flu Recovery.

We all know that with chillier fall temperatures, unfortunately comes the start of cold and flu season. But did you know that Epsom salt might be the key to lessening your symptoms, offering a more speedy recovery? That’s right! The all-natural, easily accessible and inexpensive household product you likely have sitting in your bathroom cabinet can be used to help ease and reduce the length of illness. The three, primary ways Epsom salt can aid in cold and flu recovery are as follows: 

Ease symptoms

If you’ve ever come down with the flu, you’re well aware that one of the most common symptoms is painful muscle aches. Boosting magnesium is an effective way to relax muscles and flush lactic acid out of them. That’s why adding Epsom salt, a compound comprised of magnesium and sulfate, to a warm bath can help relieve muscle tension and body aches associated with colds and flu.  

Promote sleep

In addition to soothing sore muscles, magnesium can also help promote a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the mineral acts to restrict the release of stress hormones such as cortisol which contribute to poor sleep quality. Soaking in a relaxing Epsom salt bath in the evening is a great way to wind down and prepare for bed – ensuring your body has ample time to rest and recover.  

Speed healing

According to experts, Epsom salt can also speed healing by detoxifying the body and increasing the body’s white blood cell count. This is because sulfate, comprised of sulfur and oxygen, helps the body flush out toxins. In addition, soaking in Epsom salt helps spur a process called vasodilation, which increases white blood cell production and helps the body fight off illness.  

The next time you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu, try adding four cups of Epsom salt to your bathwater and soaking for 20 minutes before bed to ease symptoms, promote sleep and speed recovery.